Testing John Hollinger

E-mail from Mark (in response to this previous post about John Hollinger's rankings):

Remember your post about Hollinger's rankings for NBA players? You seemed rather dubious of its fantasy value, so I decided to try an experiment and see if your skepticism was justified or not. I transferred Hollinger's rankings to one of my fantasy leagues in Yahoo, a 20-team league.

After the draft, I found that my main contributors would be Shaquille O'Neal, Amare Stoudemire, Grant Hill, and Pau Gasol. When one of your main players isn't going to be playing for several months, you know you have a problem. Needless, to say, I wasn't so confident going into Opening Week. In Week 1, I lost my opening matchup 6-5. Although the season isn't a week old yet, I think I'll be happy if I finish in the top half of my league.

Probably not fair to condemn Hollinger based on this--no way he would have recommended drafting Gasol, who is out. (Come to think of it, that roster is incredibly injury prone.) And Amare is still somewhat busted. And O'Neal just missed a game.

So, take it with a grain of salt.

But still, I'm glad to see the experiment roll on, and look forward to future reports. If healthy, it seems it would be a pretty formidable squad.