Wrong time to be looking for an extension

Nets fans are twisting in the wind, stressing Deron Williams' next contract.

But what occurs to me is that the Williams (and Chris Paul) are probably stressing the same exact thing.

All kinds of other players -- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant etc. -- signed deals under the old CBA that extend deep into the new one. Now that the lockout is close, it's clearer than ever that the smart move is to be under contract as long as possible into the new CBA, which is sure to restrict salaries further.

While it's conceivable those big salaries from the old CBA will be "rolled back" in collective bargaining, there's a decent chance those players with big deals will make more than they could have made by signing under a new CBA.

Paul and Williams, meanwhile, each signed through 2012, with player options for 2012-13. At that time, they were allowed to have signed for an extra year, which means they could have kept their big, old CBA contracts all the way through 2013-2014, if they had been so inclined. That was probably a mistake. And neither Paul nor Williams is allowed, under the rules, to sign a big extension until this season is over, which happens at the same time as the expected lockout.

There's really only one way to play the CBA situation entirely wrong, and that's to be looking for a maximum extension at the same exact moment NBA players will either be locked out, or suffering under a new CBA that promises a reality check for the NBA's biggest earners.