LeBron James Has No Idea How Big His Balls Are

This controversy over the league's slippery new balls is a fertile orchard of testicle puns, with an infinite supply of low-hanging fruit.

(Some little part of me feels like Peter Vecsey just for the moment. He's the king of... whatever that is.)

I'm sure many of you have seen that LeBron James opened up on the topic last night. So many players have been so vocal on that topic already--one more (even that one) hardly qualifies as news in my book. However, as my good friend Balding Spalding pointed out in an e-mail, the Associated Press story included this paragraph (with my emphasis):

James said he didn't like the smaller balls used by FIBA at this summer's world championships in Japan, but that he and his U.S. national teammates got used to it. So far, he hasn't gotten comfortable with the NBA's new synthetic model, which replaced a leather version used for years.

Me and my French buddy did some old-fashioned reporting homework on this one a while ago. Those FIBA balls are, according to the manufacturers, the same exact size as NBA balls. Both are manufactured to be 29.5 inches around.

I'm slowly adjusting to the idea that the Associated Press and LeBron James may not be reading TrueHoop closely every day.