Thursday Bullets

  • Ron Artest's album is not selling well. (via Deadspin)

  • White guys in their thirties are hiring this dude who claims he can train them to become dunkers. I'm torn between "that's so ridiculous" and "where do I sign up?" Consider this quote from Jeannine Stein's L.A. Times article: "Everyone was kind of shocked," Jara recalls. "They were giving me high-fives, saying, 'I can't believe you just did that. I give you props, it was pretty … amazing.' "

  • Ed Bradley died! He was a big-time Knicks fan, and a smart one. On Stephon Marbury's first night in the Garden, every Knick fan in town was ecstatic. But even then--standing in the little section where he sat near all those celebrities like Spike Lee, John McEnroe, Jay-Z and Beyonce--Bradley knew. He told me "there really is a different energy in the Garden,” he says of Isiah Thomas’s Knick shake-up. “You can feel it here tonight. It’s a different team. He’s overhauling this team. I don’t know what he’s going to do with the salary cap, but wow.”

  • Flea has a nice little poem inspired by Kevin Garnett's beard.

  • OK, stung by my own recent erroneous claim to have originated "Brandon R.O.Y." (I was SO full of it, it turns out) you'd think I'd be gun shy. But, lordy, I'm a born gunner. So here goes. I suggest to you that I might have been the first to call Thabo Sefolosha the "Swiss Mister." Of course, that didn't matter at all. It's not that great a nickname. But, you know, somebody else has used it now, once, so clearly it's catching on like wildfire and will soon be both in the common parlance and the dictionary. I think I first used it on June 6.

  • Tom Ziller on Jon Barry, TV commentator: "Barry (one of my favorite Kings while he was here) was at times very funny, even if he was just saying 'What?!' after Walton said something silly."

  • Gilbert Arenas explains his robe.

  • Watching Borat with Raef LaFrentz. Hearing about European basketball from a Borat knock-off.

  • Video of Rasheed Wallace taunting that fan wearing pink.

  • Chris Sheridan talked to Phil Jackson about Larry Brown's settlement: "I noted that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said many coaches around the league were dismayed that Brown took a settlement, saying he hopes it does not set a precedent. Jackson, not a big fan of Popovich or Brown, had this to say in response: 'If that was a concern to people, Popovich probably should have weighed in on [Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald] Sterling two or three coaches ago when he was breaking all their contracts years ago. That was a time when he should have been backing up coaches, not a $40 million situation that ends up with $18 million, but guys who were owed $500,000 or $600,000 and needed that kind of money. [Bill] Fitch was one of them, Bob Hill, [Alvin] Gentry, [Jim] Todd, Bob Weiss, they had to go to court.'"

  • Ira Winderman: "On one play, he carried the ball for about three feet and took two steps," [Seattle Coach Bob] Hill said of what he insisted was an uncalled palming violation. "I asked the official, 'How am I supposed to coach against that?' "

  • A little fashion police in the Clipper locker room.

  • Stuart Eskanazi: "By overwhelmingly approving Initiative 91 on Tuesday, Seattle voters effectively ended any notion that the NBA and WNBA teams would remain in their namesake city."