Rick Carlisle--Nameless Deadhead

Cornrows quotes some great Carlisle anecdotes from his interview with Indy Men's Magazine. For instance, Carlisle's first date with his wife was at a Grateful Dead show in 1987, where they went backstage and mingled with Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart. Who knew he was a deadhead?

The best little Carlisle story, though, comes from his days with the Celtics:

At the end of the third quarter, K.C. Jones comes down the end of the bench and says, "You got Danny." Meaning I'm in for Danny Ainge. So I go squeeze into the huddle at the quarter, and I'm sitting next to the guys who are in the game. K.C. takes out his dry-erase board and starts designing a play. He says, "Dennis, you've got the ball right here." He makes a D and a circle. "Kevin, you're here. Robert, you're here. Larry, you're here." And he looks at me and he goes, "Uh...right here" and he puts a scribble mark. For everyone else, he had put an initial. So we stand up after the timeout and, Larry goes, "K.C., I want you to meet Rick. He's been with us for six months. Rick, this is K.C." I laughed and everybody laughed, and I went into the game and played pretty well. I hit a shot. Played for about six minutes. But that was typical: The coach didn't know my name.