Monday Bullets

  • From Clipperblog: The Blake Griffin offensive foul that you perhaps heard about. You know, the one that almost made Marcin Gortat turn to dust.

  • Important inroads into statistically breaking down aspects of basketball that I never thought could be quantified.

  • The turbulent DeMarcus Cousins experience continues. From Cowbell Kingdom: "The officials called Ridnour for a technical, Cousins appeared vindicated and then all hell broke loose. With Ridnour jawing, Cousins went to give the 6′-2″, 175-pound guard a piece of his mind. After giving a pretty good shove to both Nikola Pekovic and Martell Webster, Cousins was sent packing, while his teammates dropped the ball."

  • At the Heat Index, Tom Haberstroh writes up Miami's new starting point guard: "When we look at lineups with Bibby playing with the Big Three, the numbers are astounding. The Heat have scored 126 points per 100 possessions when the Heat have Bibby, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh on the floor. That’s 15 points better than the team’s normal rate, far and away better than with Chalmers."

  • Hoopinion encourages the recent Atlanta post play: “A commitment to getting the ball inside, at least as a complement to the team's inherent jump shooting tendencies, might be necessary to consolidate the gains the team has made in swapping Mike Bibby for Kirk Hinrich.”

  • This recap of Blazers-Lakers is certainly elevated by its goofy Will Ferrell picture.

  • Kobe, LeBron, media myth-making, examined in the full by Devin Kharpertian and J.M. Poullard: "And yet, the funny thing about Bryant is that although he is perceived as the hero of this story, he is a flawed one. He is often accused of ignoring his teammates and at times seems to be too enamored with playing the role of a hero. His most die-hard fans would have us believe that we should never second-guess his greatness, given the results that he has produced over the years. They have a point. But much like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, Kobe is the hero that the NBA deserves, but not the one they need. He’s given the basketball world everything they could have ever expected from him and then some, and yet our hero always seems to be missing something to complete the puzzle."

  • Abe Chong of WarriorsWorld parses Ekpe Udoh’s skill set and divines a Ratliff/Birdman ceiling. That sounds about right, but I’d add that Udoh plays exceptional pick and roll defense.

  • With all this recent Wolverine talk, it’s a good a time as any to direct people towards Michigan Professor Yago’s Basketball Course Diary.

  • Last night, Kobe and Fish were impervious to aging and fantastic down the stretch: "The win clinched the Pacific Division and served as a reminder that the guys with the old legs still have some left in the tank."