All Aboard the Andrea Bargnani Bandwagon

I can't remember a more impressive failed assist attempt than this:

By the way, if you want to see more Andrea Bargnani on YouTube, get ready to do some sifting, because one dude is uploading pretty much everything Raptor that's ever on TV.

Thanks to Raptorized Ira making me aware of the play above.


Tobias Seitz has a theory that being from a soccer culture helps European players gain the knack of passing.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Europe by far, and every kid grows up playing it. In soccer, you pass to a spot on the field and not to the player directly. He is expected to get to the open spot where the ball is passed before his defender does. If you pay close attention you will see that this is exactly how European players pass the ball to the moving player. Even Steve Nash claims that soccer is what gave him his superb passing ability. Just watch this clip of Arvydas Sabonis and you will see what I mean.