David Thorpe on Chris Webber

David Thorpe watched a lot of film. Here are three choice quotes from Thorpe's Insider article:

  • "Have they got, arguably, the best passing big man in the league? Yes. A center with amazingly sticky hands? Yes. A player who can score inside and out and rebound in traffic? Yes. In the former Fab Five star and a career 21 and 10 man, have they got a Hall of Famer? Likely yes. But have they also got a player who is more 'washed up' than ever, one who is practically immobile for long stretches of the game, and a guy who might make a negative impact on a team with title aspirations? I'd have to say yes to all."

  • "He still has exceptional timing and patience on his post moves, but his lack of explosiveness limits him. In particular, it compels him too often to settle for a hybrid jump hook -- a one-armed shot that is taken with poor body mechanics and consequently goes in far too seldom for a player who expects lots of touches and a starting spot. Often he tries to get an angle to the basket, twisting and turning while he slowly backs his man down. But his lack of agility keeps him from exploiting most defenders, so he fails to get the angle, and shoots the hybrid hook from seven to 10 feet, which is a diffficult distance to be sure -- inside five feet would be ideal for this type of shot."

  • "His eFG% is .285 on perimeter shots -- terribly low. Desmond Mason, considered to be amongst the worst shooters in the league, is at .289."