Truss issues

Phil Jackson heard Andrew Bynum talking about "trust" issues, and laughed it off saying he thought Bynum had been talking about "trusses."

And he noted that his dad wore a truss.

I know that word "truss" to mean some kind of structural support, like on a bridge.

Or something you can do with string to prep a chicken for roasting.

All of which concerned me a bit on behalf of Phil Jackson's dad.

But I did some heavy-duty research and discovered that it was once common for men with hernias to wear tight girdles designed to keep their intestines from popping out through the muscle tissue.

So, basically, Jackson's telling us his dad wore spanx.

Which is a huge relief, because it lets me do what every self-respecting NBA writer always wants to do: Connect LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, male girdles, the New York Knicks, original rap music and private jets in one story.


  • Kobe Bryant is coached by Phil Jackson.

  • Jackson's dad wore a truss.

  • A truss is a kind of girdle, essentially the same as spanx.

  • Spanx, the company, was founded by Sara Blakely.

  • Blakely is married to Jesse Itzler.

  • Itzler, oddly, is both the "frat-rapper" who came up with that "Go New York Go New York Go" thing you hear at Knick games and a co-founder of the private jet company Marquis Jet, in which Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is a major investor.

  • Itzler has partnered with LeBron James and Maverick Carter on a really hokey "caffeine and vitamins that dissolve in your mouth" energy product.