Thursday Bullets

Posted by Kelly Dwyer

*The great Jackie MacMullan on the young-but-want-to-get-younger C’s:

Went to the Celtics game Monday night and enjoyed myself immensely. It was lots of fun watching the kids leaping into the stands with reckless abandon after loose balls, and I loved it when Big Al pump-faked Spurs future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan to the rafters, then put his head down and bulled his way to the hole.

I bet Boston's front office got a kick out of it, too. The building was rocking, attendance was a couple thousand short of capacity, and youngsters Gerald Green, Rajon Rondo, Ryan Gomes, and Al Jefferson played bountiful, meaningful minutes.

The team played hard, staged a furious and extremely entertaining comeback -- and lost.


In other words, all objectives were met.

*Kenny Thomas managed 14 and 9 (missing one shot) against Milwaukee last night, he looked great, but he was also going up against the worst defense in the NBA. Ron Artest also had 36 points in the win, and Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut took seven shots in 42 minutes. Terry Stotts is AWESOME.

*Dot com Power Rankings have been pointless (for a decade, now!) -- what did Kevin Arnovitz call them? A silly, little schoolgirl exercise? -- but the new batch of stat-based rankings (Knickerblogger's OTTER, which he debuted early this season), and John Hollinger's recent takes are pointing the idea of ranking teams in January towards the right direction. That is, if you can rate "moving up from arbitrary" as a step in the right direction. Either way, guest poster Rob from Forum Blue and Gold has a sound look at what some of them mean, and how they relate to the purple and gold.

*Paul Pierce, working his tail off to get back.

*I watched every episode of the Christies, and it was truly an experience to remember. The show went beyond the so-bad-it-must-be-good-thank-Jeebus-for-blogs territory, because it wasn't truly a "show." Timelines were messed with. Scenes were shown out of context, even though this was completely obvious to the viewer. Fake newspaper headlines (with piss-poor grammar) were splashed across the screen. I know these misdeeds are common for reality show tripe, but it truly was a sick way of creating 22 minutes (a week) out of nothing. The show also left less time on BETJ for "Grown Folks Music," which is just the greatest television show, ever (I'm only barely kidding, I love that show). Doug and Jackie Christie are back in the news, mainly because Jackie went on record as saying Doug (who hasn't played well since this time in 2004) would love to be a Toronto Raptor, all over again. We know. Doug would love to be a Charlotte Bobcat or Memphis Barone-mony or whatever team would pay him money and allow him to keep "NBA veteran" at the top of the resume. I fear I'm venturing too far into misogynist territory here, so I'll just stop, but I do want to point out a hilarious post from Chris Clarke regarding this mess of a couple.

*Aw, hells yeah. Skeets is back with some more quiet storm jams that make you want to make with the point guard. Or, hybrid guard. Whatever. Camby’s creepy lanky, and Teddy Pendergrass is up next.