So Many David Vanterpools

The other day when I had a beer with a Wizznut, which not like having a beer with beernuts, he told me this incredible story. I begged him to blog about it, and apparently he has.

Some time ago Wizznutzz had a message board. After some initial excitement, no one ever really went there. Except for... one crazy dude who pretended to be former Wizard David Vanterpool, who, as it happens, is now a reasonably big-time star in Moscow. (Big hilarious post about him, including lots of children's art with great captions.)

The fake David Vanterpool managed to lure in an apparent old friend of the real David Vanterpool to the message board--Adrienne--who wrote:

This is your old friend, Adrianne from Kansas City. Glad to see your doing ok. Good Luck with everything God throws your way!!!!

The fake David Vanterpool made a reply that included the following:

It's good to hear from you Adrianne, you still got that video of us?

Then the real David Vanterpool apparently got involved.