A Little All-Star Liveblogging

I wasn't going to do this tonight, but I have to share this Shaquille O'Neal dancing video.

And as long as I'm at it:

  • The Wayne Newton showgirl extravaganza is now underway. How many thousands of times has this performance been completed before? It has certain ways that it is done and not done. It has sacred rules and traditions. It is the Japanese tea ceremony of American culture.

  • Looking at this game, it is a real tribute to the ability of basketball players to perform hung over. They're hitting the Gatorade hard for the first quarter.

  • That hand gesture LeBron James threw up during introductions? Remember he held up a diamond over his head? That's said to be the dynasty sign, associated with Jay-Z and his Rocafella empire.

  • Later, during the fourth quarter, I'm going to be chatting on ESPN.com. If you look at that chat now, and scroll down through Marc Stein's first-quarter stuff, you'll see some interesting trade rumors about Jamaal Magloire going to the Nets as part of a trade that would send Jason Kidd to the Lakers and more bits and pieces here and there. The source is super unclear--it's not from Stein, it's from chatters watching TV. I've been hearing other things about this, but not in any reportable way. Working on it.

  • Erin sent this instant message earlier: "Wayne Newton is not somebody who should be seen in hd. Let's just leave it at that... I'm not actually sure what percentage of Wayne Newton is made of human materials at this point."

  • Ray Allen and Allen Iverson are sharing a hearty laugh on the West bench.

  • If we're going to have a wardrobe malfunction here today, it's going to be Toni Braxton.

  • For sheer pageantry, Christina Aguilera is ten times as exciting as Toni Braxton, although I can't vouch for the high-fashion hearing aids.

  • Dream pairing: Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade. That would be so great for so long. They can beat you at any tempo.

  • Prince and Dave Chapelle were sitting together and chatting during the first half. Now they are both gone. I assume they are somewhere on a basketball court reenacting that great Chapelle show episode which is no longer on YouTube. UPDATE: Chapelle is back. He doesn't look like he has been playing basketball.

  • When the West is on offense, Carlos Boozer is having a devil of a time seeing the action, because Yao Ming is sitting to his left, leaning forward. Boozer has to lean WAY back or WAY forward to see what's going on. They should switch seats.