Bill Simmons on Dennis Johnson

Bill Simmons is the king of Boston sports fans. He's also the king of sportswriting. So what could be better than to shed a tear with him about the passing of practically everyone's favorite Celtic? The Simmons article about Dennis Johnson starts out just as I had hoped:

...he's a guy who meant an inordinate amount to me during a time when sports probably meant a little too much. Maybe I wasn't part of his life, but he was a huge part of mine. So it's a sad day for Celtics fans (as well as his fans from Pepperdine, Seattle and Phoenix). As one of my friends e-mailed me today, "It's really hard to dodge the feeling that someone in control has just decided to [bleep] with the Boston Celtics this year. Really hard."

Later in the article Simmons shares some great memories.

But in the middle, he takes ten paragraphs or so and dedicates them to lobbying. It's all about how Dennis Johnson should be in the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile Dennis Johnson's poor family is somewhere dealing with a real human they loved who is no longer. They're making decisions about his remains. The Austin Toros are trying to figure out whether or not they can handle playing a game tonight, because they loved playing for him.

This is really really really real. It's not a sports argument.

Next week, OK, let's have a sports debate if you want. Bring your lobbying then. But today? When the man has just died? It feels premature to me.