Trade Deadline Grades from Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons gives everyone, essentially, bad grades for being so timid yesterday. He also reminds us of something important: Portland almost had David Lee. Wow. Credit the front office with coming up with some good ideas. It was reportedly killed by the owner. That one would have been amazing.


Could the Blazers have used Magliore's contract and pursued the likes of Andre Miller, Gerald Wallace, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, a Brent Barry/Beno Udrih/No. 1 package or whatever else was out there? Yeah, absolutely. But let's cut them some slack because they're headed in the right direction -- just think where they'd be if Paul Allen hadn't squashed the "Darius Miles/Theo Ratliff for Penny Hardaway's expiring contract and David Lee" deal last winter. Every columnist who praises Isiah this season -- because anyone who lords over a 24-31 team with a $129 million payroll and no lottery pick clearly deserves praise, right? -- should be obligated to mention that Paul Allen's veto saved Isiah from getting assassinated by an irate Knicks fan after Lee's first 25-rebound game for the Blazers this season.