Monday Bullets

  • Very important Joakim Noah dancing video.

  • From the archives: Ricky Davis' insult to the term "triple double."

  • Surgery is still a possibility for Brandon Roy this off-season.

  • Obviously, there is all kinds of need to adjust for inflation and changed circumstances, but Tommy Beer points out that in strict dollars, Stephon Marbury is making more this season than Larry Bird made in the first dozen years of his careers combined.

  • David Thorpe is on Insider ranking different post players' moves and countermoves: "Countermoves are vital to a back-to-the-basket player. If the defender knows where you plan to turn or what shot you are looking to create, he can "sit" on the move and cut it off. Great post players have at least two counters to every move, but they get to the counter by first trying to execute the original move. When the defender repositions to cut off that move, the countermove is immediately executed. The proper counter is one that takes the best advantage of the defender's new positioning." Duncan, Garnett, Gasol, and Wade are among those getting praise, although my favorite part is about Nowitzki's fadeaway. The description ends with the word "checkmate."

  • Poor Linas Kleiza. He scores 18 points in the first half yesterday (he finished the game 8-11) and lots of people are saying his name for the first time in their lives. And they are saying it incorrectly. (I heard a lot LIE-nuss KLIE-zer.) For the record, according to NBA.com, it's LIN-as CLAY-za.

  • David Berri of Wages of Wins helps to explain the idea of statistical models as they apply to basketball. I'm very thankful for some big picture perspective.

  • Isiah Thomas reportedly gets his extension. Can't say I'm shocked. I have suspected all season long that the made-for-TV ultimatum was more for James Dolan's PR--he's tough! he's in control!--than an actual threat. I can't back that up with evidence. Just seems fishy to me. If you have a trusted employee in a key position, and you want him on notice, who in their right mind would announce that live on television? Too bizarre to believe, if you ask me--especially from an employer who has always clearly been enamored with Thomas. UPDATE: It's not only true, but the contract is already signed. Wonder when they started negotiating that.

  • According to a press release, before tonight's game Jalen Rose is going to present Dikembe Mutombo with a $100,000 check for Mutombo's hospital in Africa.

  • Golden State of Mind loses a bet, writes a poem about the Blazers.

  • Jon Burkett: "The Nuggets have been 15-21 since acquiring Allen Iverson. They return to the old familiar pattern of winning some and losing some. Streaks of winning are matched with streaks of losing back-to-back. Little progress has been made since Carmelo Anthony returned to the team on January 22. Since the Iverson trade, the Sixers have gone 18-20. They started out 5-11 post-Iverson, but inserted Steven Hunter into the starting lineup and have since gone 13-9. Hunter missed one of those 9 losses while recovering from a dislocated finger. Not only are the Sixers a better team without Iverson, the Nuggets appear to be no better with him."

  • Phil Jasner says the NBA is looking into another Kobe Bryant elbowing a white dude (my phrasing) incident. I have the solution: Bryant should wear "Mamba" cams on his elbows. They strike suddenly!

  • Gilbert Arenas: "I want to clear something up, because there is some confusion with me and DeShawn’s antics. When I do my hands after I shoot, when I shake them, what that means is it’s cooking. It’s hot. That’s what that means. I’m frying them. When DeShawn does his hand over his face, it’s not Tony Yayo. It means, 'I can’t feel my face,' from Lil Wayne. It means he’s on fire in some sort of silly way."

  • Brian Windhorst points out that Milwaukee's downtown was practically closed for St. Patrick's Day, and it wasn't St. Patrick's Day. And there's basketball talk , too: "In the final minute again on Saturday, LeBron went to the basket twice to tie the game. This is remarkable because he'd already hit two 3's to get the Cavs back into the game. One month ago, I would've put cold cash on press row he would've taken a 3 in Detroit down two as I watched the play develop. After he made the 3s in Milwaukee, I might've gone double or nothing because he was making them. Excellent display of intelligent poise."

  • Current NBA coaches ranked by their career scoring average as players. Isiah Thomas leads the pack, and Rick Carlisle's 2.2 ppg is not helping him.

  • A list of the NBA's good young big men.

  • Alonzo Mourning health watch, from Ira Winderman: "Mourning grew so fatigued after playing 9½ consecutive minutes in the second half that Payton was ordered to intentionally foul as a means of getting O'Neal back on the floor."

  • Mike Wells: "To make things worse (if that’s possible), Jamaal Tinsley was suspended a game for continually deciding to show up for practice whenever he wants. I’ve been told that this is a trend that happened numerous times in past seasons. It wasn’t until Saturday that coach Rick Carlisle publicly put his foot down by suspending Tinsley, who can’t seem to stay away from negative news. Lets face it, the Pacers don’t have many options with Tinsley these days. They can’t search for a team that will be brave enough to take his contract, his injury problems (yep, those are starting to pop up) and his legal problems. Putting Tinsley, their best point guard, on the inactive list will increase the odds that the Pacers won't make the playoffs."

  • Anderson Varejao tries to do Cleveland fans a meaningless little favor, and offends both the basketball gods and his team.