Monday Bullets

  • Danny Ainge sits next to Kevin Durant's mom for the Big 12 tournament, and his expense report will show a $30,000 charge. Those better be some hot dogs they're selling. I have a funny feeling Durant will end up in Boston, and I have had that funny feeling for months. Also, Golden State and Charlotte have been fined for talking about players--Greg Oden and Kevin Durant--who have not yet declared for the NBA draft. As I undertand it, the idea behind the rule is that the NBA doesn't want to be in the business of encouraging students to end their education. It's a bit of a joke, though, right? See earlier post.

  • Plenty of NBA scouts and GMs are in China to see Yi Jianlian, and Wang ZhiZhi (remember?) ends up having a great game.

  • A blogger's first-hand account of that brawl at the PSAL championships in New York City.

  • Golden State of Mind is selling a lot of Warrior tickets. And it doesn't hurt that the Warriors are talking playoffs, thanks in large part to the determined fizzle of the rival Clippers, who seem to have the mentality that if they lost a recent lottery pick in Shaun Livingston, they ought to just go out and get another one right away.

  • If you want to make a highlight video of Renaldo Balkman, you'd want to start with this game. Here are some more highlights. The man has a nose for the ball, and ended up seven for seven from the field with 12 rebounds and three steals. Things are getting a little dicey at the blog called Bench Renaldo.

  • If you're tempted to list the players who would be in this NCAA tournament if they hadn't left college early for the NBA, don't bother.

  • Neither the Knick fans nor Raptor fans feel the need for their teams to be especially dominant before they start up the ol' trash talking rivalry again. (That link is somewhat PG-13.)

  • If you went into a bathroom and cried when Georgetown lost the the final game of the 1985 tournament, you are not alone.

  • The Pistons perform pretty well against the Mavericks, but there are signs of Flip Saunders/Rasheed Wallace tension.

  • Worlds collide: Pete Maravich gets the NPR treatment. Mark Kriegel is an insightful speaker.

  • Kevin Martin has a rare off-night shooting, gets just one basket, and still winds up with 20 points.

  • Video of Stephon Marbury's interview with Kobe Bryant. It really is hard to watch.

  • Slobodan Milosevic plays a role in the NBA, as Brian Windhorst reports: "A year ago this week after Slobodan Milosevic died, I went up and asked Sasha about it. Being from Serbia (well, now Montenegro, although he's announced as being from Serbia & Montenegro, which doesn't exist anymore) I thought Sasha's perspective would be interesting for a note. I am not going to put words in Sasha's mouth -- or get involved in something I don't understand -- but after a brief conversation I gleaned that neither Sasha nor his father thought old Slobo was such a bad guy. In fact, Sasha complained that he couldn't get proper medical care at the end. OK, that was a can of worms I didn't want to open. So, Phil Miller of the Salt Lake Tribune reads my little note and decides to ask the Jazz's resident native of the Balkans...Giricek. Well Gira, who is Croatian, where Milosevic sort of laid waste, ripped the man up and down. So, I guess what I'm saying here is I'll bet Sasha and Gira didn't get along too well when both were with the Jazz a few years ago. All teams at every level have deep background stuff that affects them, but what I am saying is with the international players there is often stuff going on that we don't fully understand."

  • Shakespeare and the Celtics.