Turns Out There is Crying in Basketball

Paul Shirley confesses to crying frequently, especially on national TV when a controversial call cost his college team a glory in the NCAA tournament:

On Monday morning, I woke up ready to begin anew. On my walk to campus, I received a few sympathetic greetings from total strangers. I humbly shrugged off their condolences, nobly declining to confirm their rage against referees who had -- in their eyes -- bungled a call and taken the game away from their Cyclones.

As I did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I stopped in at the cafeteria on the western side of campus. I opened the door to Friley Hall and grabbed a copy of the Iowa State Daily.

Whereupon my heart immediately dropped into my colon. In the interest of the entertainment of 23,999, and to the horror of one, the editors of the university newspaper had covered the entire top half of the paper, from left margin to right, with a picture of me, crying.

Perhaps today there are tears of joy. After worrying about where he'd play next, Paul Shirley is back in the basketball business, replacing the injured Jelani McCoy (who replaced Sam Clancy, who loved his time on this team) on the Spanish island of Menorca.