FalseHoop: Sorry, we're out of the office :-)

Gotta have a little fun during this dismal lockout.

So last weekend we gave birth to FalseHoop, TrueHoop’s goofy little brother. For now, it’s still in diapers -- meaning it’s only on Twitter. When it learns to walk, there’s no telling where all it will go.

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Tuesday at FalseHoop we tossed up a Twitter hashtag called #NBAOutofOffice.

It’s a spoof on the automated replies one would send out via email and phone when away from the office.

For example:


#NBAOutofOffice Deron Williams: I am currently assisting at a basketball branch in Turkey. Will return stateside ASAP.

Here are some of the best (and most printable) we received:

erivera7 Eddy Rivera

#NBAOutofOffice Dwight Howard: Hey world! Checking out some houses today in LA.

Bucksketball Jeremy Schmidt

#NBAOutofOffice Jerry Sloan: Jerry doesn't have a phone. Or an office.

ShotDrJr Rob Peterson

#NBAOutofOffice This is the NBPA. We're locked out of our office right now. Leave a message and we'll get back to you, uh, hmm ... (BEEP)

keithort keithort

#NBAOutofOffice Dirk Nowitzki: Running shooting drills. Will respond when I miss a rainbow.

LUDACLIPS Leiland Tanner

#NBAOutofOffice LeBron: I'm sorry, Mr. James isn't answering, please insert a 4th quarter and anybody else would be happy to help you.

BreeneMurphy Breene Murphy

#NBAOutofOffice Blake Griffin: I'm in the office ignoring your ridiculous attempt to delay my improvement. Or making a commercial.

MuggsyBogus Muggsy Bogus

#NBAOutofOffice Adam Morrison: At the gym, leave a message. I saw the movie The Replacements.

johnbkenney John Kenney

#NBAOutofOffice Eddy Curry: Extended lunch break. Call back this spring.

KnickerBlogger Mike Kurylo

#NBAOutofOffice Eddy Curry: Doughnut run. No ETA for return.

erivera7 Eddy Rivera

#NBAOutofOffice Monta Ellis: Hitting up the moped with some of my teammates. It's my first time doing it too!

Mike_Schmitz Mike Schmitz

#NBAOutofOffice Detlef Schrempf: I'm out shooting Season 4 of Parks and Recreation: http://bit.ly/nkqB0k … #whoknew?


#NBAOutofOffice Kobe Bryant: I'm sorry I'm unavailable to take this call, but I'm in the Heat’s gym shooting all night long.

BreeneMurphy Breene Murphy
@FalseHoop #NBAOutofOffice: Wilson Chandler: I'm in the office, but my new extension is #24462 (CHINA).

My little contribution:

RoyceWebb Royce Webb

#NBAOutofOffice Allen Iverson: I'm on extended leave. If you need an Answer right away, please notify my agent.

And the winner is …

forumbluegold Darius Soriano

#NBAOutofOffice Phil Jackson: Rings and rings and rings and rings and rings ...