Pull Up a Chair, Sam Mitchell's Talking

Coach Mitchell's message to all those Toronto fans who intend to go insane booing Vince Carter? He says it's time to get over it. Move on. Let bygones be bygones. On GlobeSports.com, Michael Grange reports this anecdote:

"I'm going to tell you a true story. It was college, I had a summer job working at a brewery. [A co-worker] told me a story. His first love, he married her right out of college. They were married 10 years. He comes home one day, they have a great house, making good money, she's happy, has everything she wants. She comes up to him and says, 'honey, you are great husband. I just don't want to be married anymore.'"

"He would not give her a divorce. He contested, contested it, fought it, wouldn't accept it. He would not give her a divorce. Fourth court appearance, the judge finally looked at him and said: 'Has this women hurt you? Yes. ...[But] mister, let it go. Is it wrong. Did she hurt your feelings? Yeah. But she just don't want you no more."

"He said then he walked over, signed the papers, walked out and got on with his life. He remarried, got a kid and lived happily ever after."