Luis Scola to Spurs: Trade Me

Luis Scola is the Argentine big man that the rest of the NBA hoped would never join his countryman Manu Ginobili. But there have been complications getting him out of his current contract in Europe. Instead another Argetine big man, Fabricio Oberto, will patrol the lane alongside Tim Duncan.

Scola tells an Argentine paper (via SpursReport.com) that this development stings a bit, but he still dreams of the NBA, even if not in San Antonio.

"Fabricio is one of my best friends," said Scola in Spanish. "And because he plays the center position he'll likely earn more minutes playing with Duncan at his natural spot. Therefore, as I think about things more calmly, it's easy to see that he'll be able to contribute more things there that I would have because I play the same spot as Duncan. I think it's a positive move."

Asked if the Spurs ever made him a financial offer, Scola said that things simply didn't work out.

"We tried several things, but it came down to being able to get out of my current contract and if things didn't work out," said Scola. "That's just the way it is. I couldn't get free and now I'm going to have to find another way to make the dream (of playing in the NBA) come true."

When pushed for more details about the negotiations he had with San Antonio, Scola said that he did not want to talk about those details publicly, but he did admit that he had asked the Spurs to trade his rights to another NBA team because as he sees things, it's the only option.