Brandon Roy Has it Made

Brandon RoyWe just talked for a few minutes. I'm kicking myself that I forgot to ask him whether or not the Rookie of the Year award would get him some respect from the referees. (You know the whole referee bias thing? I'd like to bribe some intern on that research project to run some numbers for me on rookies and All-Stars. Now that's some referee bias!)

Let me read you some names: Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, Vince Carter, Elton Brand, Steve Francis, Mike Miller, Pau Gasol, Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Emeka Okafor, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy ...
And there are even more names!

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Grant Hill ...
It's definitely amazing. Out of all the little awards and honors that I have received, this is definitely the best, being part of that group. It still hasn't really sunk in, to be honest with you. It has been so busy, I haven't had time to reflect. It's really crazy.

When did you find out?
I found out yesterday morning. Coach left it on my voicemail, and he said he just wanted to be the first to congratulate me on officially being Rookie of the Year. I guess we had been anticipating it for a while. But when he actually said it, I was like wow. I never thought I'd be the Rookie of the Year.

Rookie of the Year is a tremendous honor. But I guess growing up you might have dreamed more about being MVP.
Growing up, I was just thinking about making it to the NBA. And once that happened, I just felt lucky. Rookie of the Year, I never imagined. To see that group of names. I'm speechless. Now I feel pressure to live up to those expectations.

How are you going to celebrate? You going to Disneyland or something?
No, I'm not going to Disneyland. But I want to do something back home with my whole family. People in Seattle are going crazy about this, they have never had something like this before. I want to do something with the whole city.

Last time I talked to you your son (possibly the first public photo of Brandon, Jr.) was less than a week old, and you had just been peed on. How's that going?
I'm a lot smoother changing diapers now. He's amazing. He keeps getting bigger and bigger. And now he's wanting to play and be talked to. Every day it's just better than the one before. One day I think I can't love him any more, then the next day I do. It's one of those things you can't really explain unless you have been through it.

How's your sleep?
Sleep is not great. But it's summertime, it's the off-season, so I can't complain. I know I need this time with him. I do my early morning shift with him. But it's great.

What time is your morning shift?
It starts at about 5:45. Change the diaper, feed him his bottle. It takes a while to get him calmed down again. Usually by about eight, though, we can both fall asleep again.

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UPDATE: You can save this man from being called B-Roy for the next twenty years. Help come up with a good nickname.