It's Not Too Late to Save Tyrus Thomas from a Bad Nickname

T2, T-squared, TT, TyTy ... Tyrus Thomas might like one of those nicknames, but I'm not feeling any of them.

Tyrus Thomas This is a player who travels to and from space during the 48 minutes of an NBA game.

He's impossible not to watch.

If there are problems in this world that jumping can solve, Tyrus Thomas can solve them.

He not only jumps high, but he jumps constantly: to block, to dunk, to rebound, or merely to express his youth.
Sometimes he gets to do more than one of those at a time, even. (More highlights.)

A player like that needs a good nickname, and we need to give it to him.

I'll start the conversation with some ideas.

Watching the babiest of baby Bulls take the court last night, I scribbled the following, all based on the idea that, for better or for worse, he's an automatic jumper:

  • Jumpatronic.

  • Leaptronic.

  • Dunkatronic.

I tried them out on my friend Erin, who is a big Pistons fan. After watching him last night, she thought it might be better to call him "Suckatronic."

I'm sure you have some ideas, too. So, it's your turn. Let me hear your ideas in the comments.

And remember, this is important work. Let's save this man from being called TeeTee (I know some toddlers who call pee "teetee," for crying out loud) for the rest of his time on (or near) earth.

UPDATE: All those "-tronic" nicknames are out as there are plenty of new, better candidates from the comments. Some of my favorites so far: Ty-Rise, Red Baron, and Tigger (he's bouncy!). Also UCSDKID points out that swapping around some letters makes his name "Thy Must Soar" which is surely information someone should put to good use in a marketing effort.

(Photos: Getty Images)