Dee Brown: Apparently OK

Michael C. Lewis and Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribine say Brown -- who looked to be playing very well before his injury -- is out of the hospital and apparently OK:

He was taken to a local hospital where neurological tests and X-rays were normal, the Jazz said. Brown was expected to be released from the hospital before midnight, senior vice president of basketball operations Kevin O'Connor said.

Dee BrownIn case you missed it, Dee Brown -- who was not expected to play much, if at all -- came into the game to replace an absent Derek Fisher and a foul-plagued Deron Williams.

After a few minutes of plucky play, he fell to the court (as he was called for a foul) where, in a moment that was awful to see, his spine was bent to an unnatural angle by Brown's large, falling teammate, Mehmet Okur. After lying on the floor clearly in agony, he hobbled off the court with help, looking to me like he was a risk to collapse at any moment. He was later strapped to a stretcher in a seated position, and taken away.

Updates as I learn more.

(Photo: Getty Images)