Gilbert Arenas: Baron Davis Predicted Beating Dallas

On his NBA.com blog, Arenas says that his rehab is ahead of schedule, he has been writing text messages telling Tony Parker to go right at Steve Nash, and Baron Davis is a savant:

... the funniest part about the Golden State/Dallas series was that when we played against the Warriors in March out in Golden State, me and Baron Davis were talking about playoffs and stuff and Baron said, "Man the only team we want, the only team we'll beat in the First Round of the playoffs is Dallas."

And you know, you kind of smirk, like, "You know how many wins that team has?"

He's like, "Man we can beat them. For some reason they can't match up with us."

He was like, "G.A., if we get them in the First Round, we're going to the Second Round."

So when I'm watching it I'm like, "Oh my Lord."

He was like, "Once they get a taste of these fans, they're not going to win here. So all we have to do is steal a game out there, because they're not winning here."

And he was right. There's no winning over there.