Monday Bullets

  • Bucks owner Herb Kohl essentially confirms his role as a hawk in CBA talks, and seems a little bitter the league did not get a franchise player tag or a hard cap. But, as quoted by Jeremy Schmidt of Bucksketball, he's happy about the bottom line: "Most important thing was to get the businesses, all 30 of the businesses on a sound business basis, on a sound financial basis. And I believe it’s fair to say, going forward, without events unforeseen, that every team will have a chance to make a decent profit. I feel good about where we are and where we’re going. We’ve come through a tough period financially in terms of the imbalance that had developed in the league between the large markets and the small markets may have been addressed, not perfectly, but considerably. So I feel good about where we’re going and I feel good about Milwaukee’s future in the NBA." (Somewhat related, this post includes the line "Milwaukee is where point guards go to die.")

  • It's playing out all over the league. Superstars used to want money and to play on winning teams, by and large. Now they want control, more control than ever. Or, certainly not to feel ignored. Teams that figure out a collaborative, trusting approach (think Tim Duncan and the Spurs) will have huge long-term advantages. Orlando appears not to have cracked that code, and it could cost them Dwight Howard.

  • Beckley Mason of HoopSpeak remembers growing up in Seattle during Brandon Roy's high-school days: "He was Seattle’s best player, maybe ever, and when he found out he wouldn’t be drafted in the lottery, we knew he was going to stay at home to play for the Huskies. Being a fan of your local college team, unless they are a perennial superpower, is a bit like the boring part of surfing where you hangout a couple hundred yards out, waiting for a good wave. When one comes along, you don’t want to miss it. Washington fans had been floating offshore for decades, just hoping for a ride."

  • Just covering the NBA is quickly getting incredibly complicated. Reporters on the Nets beat need to know about voter fraud in Russia, now that Mikhail Prokhorov is running for president.

  • Jared Wade on HoopSpeak: "I agree with the Stern Lakers veto but if the Commish turns down the Minny pick AND Gordon, he's lost his mind." Beckley Mason Hardwood Paroxysm on Stern as Hornets-de-facto chairman: "Even as short-term leader of the Hornets, his job is to think about the long term. Though he does it with the grace of a three legged, geriatric pug, he seems to be doing his job."

  • Dallas is up to something. Maybe this. Wages of Wins' Andres Alvarez with offseason analysis of the Mavericks: "Losing Chandler definitely hurts. Losing Butler is not a problem at all, especially with Shawn Marion to pick up the minutes. However these two players had an open market value of over $20 million a season. The Mavericks have managed to replace their lost production for 1/3 the cost. What’s more, losing Lamar will definitely hurt the Lakers, who are a competitor with the Mavericks. ... One or two other good moves and the Mavericks may very well see the Heat in the finals again." Big issue for Dallas now, of course, is the center position where they have various compromise options.

  • Rick Adelman considers a third spin around the block with Bonzi Wells. Wells has fascinating quotes about himself.

  • There has long been chatter that Richard Hamilton would make sense as a Bull. That appears more likely than ever now that the Pistons have waived him (note, they reportedly did not use the amnesty clause).

  • Curtailing LeBron James' minutes makes sense to all involved, but it won't be easy.

  • Jimmer Fredette janitorial services. He shoots 100 percent pitching litter into a can.

  • "If I showed you my abs right now, you'd probably leave your husband." Metta World Peace, to a reporter asking if he was out of shape.

  • Making sense of what's next for the Rockets.

  • Gianluca Basile has the most exciting, but hardly the only, recent European buzzer beater.

  • A peek into Wizards training camp.