Like Everyone, I Assume the Pistons Will Win

May, 21, 2007

I guess my pick will be Pistons in six.

But man, I have the willies about it, for several reasons:

  • It seems like every time anyone ever writes an article like this, or all the experts agree, they quickly get their comeuppance. This is almost like a leaked parade route.
  • Is a motivated LeBron James like a motivated Shaquille O'Neal?
  • We all remember, right, that the Pistons gave themselves two games off last series?
  • It's unclear if anyone on the Pistons roster really thinks they have to do what Flip Saunders says.
  • Detroit was something of a broken team for much of this season. Then they got Chris Webber and seemed fixed. But now Webber's no longer a big contributor. Does that mean they are broken again, or were they just not playing hard before? Is either of those the sign of a conference champion?
  • Every now and again someone like Sasha Pavlovic or Daniel Gibson will start hitting shots.
  • Cleveland has Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Anderson Varejao, and Drew Gooden who will not cede the paint to the Pistons, who no longer have Ben Wallace.
  • One of Detroit's best wins was damn-near derailed by an emotional breakdown, and if Rasheed Wallace gets himself tossed from any portion of the series the Pistons aren't nearly at their best.
OK, OK, OK ... deep breath. Yes, the Pistons should win pretty easily, and the Cavaliers got here by beating teams that weren't that amazing even before their key players were lost to injury. But still, I have my concerns.



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