Love is in the Air in San Antonio

Matthew Powell of the Spurs' blog Pounding the Rock (name inspired by this quote) is feeling the love this morning. One thing he loves is the cold new nickname he invented for Tim Duncan:

I love that Tim shot the ball horribly but still finished +6 for the game. That's Tim Duncan in a nutshell. He's like an iceberg: the most impressive part of his game is missed by most fans who don't look deeper. Holy crap. Am I a freaking genius or what? He's "The Iceberg" from now on.

Today, Powell loves just about everything there is about the Spurs, which is as it should be. He loves that Michael Finley said he might stick the game ball in bed between Finley and his wife. And he loves this:

I love that Tony Parker convinced me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was the rightful winner of the MVP award. I love that the man absolutely torched Cleveland for three quarters and then selflessly gave the ball up in the fourth, when the Cavs were dumb enough to put Damon Jones on Manu. I love that he shot 57% for the series and even pulled down five boards a game. And I especially loved that move in the second quarter when he faked the crossover on Gibson, nearly sending the poor rook sprawling. I love that I giggled like a schoolgirl when that happened. I love that when he was being presented the MVP award you could see his fiancee Eva crying and taking pictures. I love that they seem to really love each other. For all the talk about how beautiful a couple they are, and for all the talk about how efficient a team the Spurs are, people seem to be missing out on what's important: the love.

It's about the love people.

And winning championships.