Getting to Know Yi

ESPN Insider Chad Ford (free article!) takes a thorough look at Yi Jianlian and how his agent is handling the draft.

His agent, Dan Fegan, has limited the ability of teams to see Yi, which has led to a spate of criticism from those who haven't been given access.

Yi even skipped the NBA draft combine -- the only player projected in the top 15 to skip the event -- meaning that teams and media didn't get his measurements and the chance to see him in drills. ...

One GM who's seen him play had this response to those complaints: "They should've done their homework then. Some of us were in China a lot, tracking this kid. You can't leave it up to the agent to do your work for you. I think some teams slept a little bit on Yi and now they feel underprepared. Dan could cooperate with them a little more, but if he doesn't want Yi to play there, why should he?"

Ford also talks to American Jason Dixon, who played with Yi in China. Dixon explains, for instance, that Yi's poor three-point shooting in China was an anomaly: Dixon says Yi has excellent shooting form, and that his Chinese coach didn't want him shooting three-pointers very often because that was seen as a guard's job.