Celtics Whistling by the Graveyard?

Shira Springer of the Boston Globe has reaction from Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers to the news reports that Paul Pierce wants to be traded if the Celtics can't get him a veteran teammate:

Ainge and Rivers insist several reports of Pierce's dissatisfaction with the direction of the organization have been greatly exaggerated. Ainge and Rivers added that any notion Pierce will ask for a trade if the Celtics do not deal the pick is not true. But Pierce has long voiced a preference for adding a veteran to the team.

"Paul wants to win," said Ainge. "It's that simple. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to be able to figure out that he wants to win. They all want to win. We're all trying to become a more competitive and a winning team.

"Everything else you read into it. There's no news about this stuff. All players around the league want to win and players deal with that in different fashions, in different ways with different emotions. So, I don't really concern myself with those type of things. I concern myself with trying to get us a better basketball team."

Ainge said he last spoke with Pierce Tuesday and added, "It was a great conversation and Paul was very enthusiastic."

A few lines later:

"Paul's in a great state of mind," said Rivers. "That's another one of those reports where you say, 'Where does that come from?' I've talked to Paul, Danny's talked to Paul, and I'd say [the reports are] far from the truth. But it's out there, and I think we have to wait until training camp to figure out who we're going to be, not just tomorrow or the next day or any time after that.

I have no idea what Paul Pierce really said, but I can tell you that if I wee a Boston fan, I'd rather not have the braintrust announcing that all is hunky dory.