July 16th. Big NBA Day.

Posted by Kelly Dwyer

Next-to nothing happened in the NBA over the weekend, but I've already made three quarts of iced tea, I've but eight hours until PTI (fingers crossed for a Bob Ryan appearance), and I'm going to treat today like we're hours away from the trade deadline. So you can bet we'll be talking about Anthony Johnson. And then you can lose the bet.

Here's the email address, again. Use it, don't abuse it, and no rhyming. Only I get to rhyme.

Before I get everything in order, I want to pass along a YouTube clip that most of you have probably seen right now, as it documents a Stephon Marbury appearance on "Mike'd Up" (an NYC-area sports show) back on July 1st. For those who have seen it, please, send it along to six friends. For those who managed to miss it ... yikes. Stephon seems a bit off as he talks to Bruce Beck about ... things. He's not in full-on Crispin Glover mode, but he's closer than you'd like.

The clip is so strange that an unnamed MSG executive actually commented on it, behind the veil of anonymity, to the New York Daily News' Frank Isola last week; calling it, understatement of understatements, "bizarre." Even glossing over the weirdness, how odd is it that -- after forcing a trade out of Minnesota way back in March of 1999 -- Marbury hasn't even called Kevin Garnett to go over the fallout? Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre. The word looks funny when you type it three times.

(Tip o' the hat to Sam from SLAMonline.com)