Shark Attack? Or Petty Joke Theft?

Oh dear. Gilbert Arenas' funny blog bit about how there is no such thing as shark attacks appears not to be original. Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog demonstrates (he even links to video) that the bit is lifted from the Bad Boys of Comedy's Ian Edwards:

Edwards: We live on the land. Sharks live in the water. If you get caught down there, you trespassing.

Gilbert: We're humans. We live on land. Sharks live in water. So if you're swimming in the water and a shark bites you, that's called trespassing.

Edwards: You know what a real shark attack is? A real shark attack is if you someplace you supposed to be and a shark shows up. That's a shark attack. Is if you someplace you supposed to be and a shark shows up. If you in the crib taking a shower tonight and you feel a tap on your shoulder and you turn around, 'What's up playa, shark attack time baby.'

Gilbert: A shark attack is if you're chilling at home, sitting on your couch, and a shark comes in and bites you; now that's a shark attack.

One unintended consequence of YouTube appears to be putting the brakes on the time-honored tradition of stealing comedy. You aware of this (heads up non-stop swearing) Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia thing?