Monday Bullets

  • Jeremy Lin is having much success while racking up the turnovers. So is Kyrie Irving. Turnovers are bad, but turnover-prone rookies often have brilliant careers. What gives? Ian Levy of Hickory High explores what high TOs mean per a young player’s development, giving you what to take away on give-aways.

  • From the Economist, what does Linsanity mean in China? It’s more complicated than you think.

  • Zach Harper with a delightful HoopSpeak piece on an oft-used hoops term. The “puzzle” of building a contender is so different from an actual puzzle that the metaphor’s popularity is puzzling.

  • From Zach Lowe's analysis of a potential Pau Gasol trade: "I have not read a single Gasol trade rumor that makes any real sense, unless the Lakers are punting this season for (long-term) salary purposes or end up moving Gasol in conjunction with a Howard deal. And punting this season is problematic, since the Lakers, even with the amnesty clause still in their pockets, cannot work their way to any cap room until the summer of 2013."