Idea: The Aging Las Vegas All-Stars

August, 9, 2007

TrueHoop reader Aaron emails: 

The NBA should create a team comprised entirely of former All-Stars who are planning to retire soon.

THE PROBLEM: Every off-season there is slew of former All-Stars that declare that if traded/signed they will only play for a contender. The problem is they are usually only at about 70% of their All-Star production, max.

THE SOLUTION: A franchise (based in Vegas) could make roster spots available to any former All-Star. A player also has to be at least, say, 32 and have played on one All-Star squad to be eligible for the team.

Think about it, the team would always be "a contender" on some level. It would be fun to watch a ramshackle Dream Team fight for a play-off spot. They could even play it up by wearing goggles and knee pads. It would probably be a little demeaning on some level, but I would think there would be a lot of pride on that squad, like old guys at an open gym.

It's also similar to when stage performers start working the Vegas circuit.



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