Isiah Thomas Wasn't on the 1992 Dream Team

Why not?

In the Star-Telegram, Jan Hubbard writes that Isiah Thomas was left off the 1992 Dream Team because people didn't like him.

The biggest controversy involving the selection of the 1992 Dream Team was the omission of Isiah Thomas, who had been on the 1980 Olympic team and had been on championship teams at Indiana in the NCAA and Detroit in the NBA. Thomas was popular among fans, but not so much among opponents, including several members of the Dream Team, most notably Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Karl Malone.

When John Stockton had a stress fracture in his leg in the qualifying tournament, some U.S. team officials wanted to replace him. Stockton fought it and made the trip to Barcelona for the Olympics.

It was widely thought that Thomas would have been the replacement. Not so said one key team official. "The phone number that was asked for was Joe Dumars'," the official said. "If Stockton couldn't have played, Dumars would have replaced him. Not Isiah."