Gilbert Arenas vs. Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson gives $3.5 million to Arizona. ESPN's Andy Katz reports:

Jefferson joked, saying that Arizona threatened if he didn't come up with the naming rights then Gilbert Arenas might do it. Jefferson said he didn't want his former college teammate and fellow NBA player to outbid him.

Gilbert Arenas wrote this on his blog a few days ago

Me and Richard, for some reason, always end up having a bragging session when we're around each other and try to out-do one another. For some reason, he thinks he's better than me. He can't fathom that he's only the third best player from Arizona, and I'm No. 1. He just hates that I'm No. 1. He hates to see me on my own video game, he hates that I'm a three-time All-Star, he hates the fact that he only got a bronze medal ... all of that. He is bitter about it.