The Fesenko Entertainment Machine

One day the word "Fesenko" will be like "karaoke." It will be something people go to bars to do for fun. I'm not sure, exactly, what it will be, but it will be entertaining.

Consider that Jazz rookie Kyrylo Fesenko hasn't even set foot in the NBA yet, and already he's the originator of a half-dozen great lines of the summer. Here's one TrueHoop reader Welk spotted on JazzHoops.net, translated from the Russian on SovSport.Ru:

Once during a practice I had to get open to get the ball and put it in the basket. I cut behind the player few times but never got an alley oop, so I was disappointed and went to the coach and said, "Are you sleeping? Or you don't see the court?"

He didn't reply. Later I found out from my agent that it wasn't a coach, but legendary player of "golden Chicago" Ron Harper.

My agent told me: "Nobody has talked to Harper like that before. He has more championship rings than you have birthmarks on your body!"