Charles Barkley's Hex on the Spurs is not Working

One of TrueHoop's most dedicated readers is a dude with no first name. Well, as much as he has a first name, it's NFN, which stands for "No First Name." His last name is Kalyan. (He's an amazing musical talent, as you can hear from checking out his website which I have linked to before.)

For whatever reason, NFN's as big a Charles Barkley fan as there is. Maybe you noticed a lot of Charles Barkely on YouTube in today's bullets. That's all NFN's doing: finding good stuff like that and sending it to me.

He just sent another Barkley clip, which is essentially Barkley saying that bad things will happen to the San Antonio Spurs because, he says, they rested starters to improve their draft position to get David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

Barkley talks about morals, and invokes the notion of divine intervention.

For a laugh, TNT takes Barkley's prediction of doom for the Spurs, spoken in 1997, and puts it up against a graphic of the team's record since. The graphic includes an insane number of wins, championships, and MVPs.

This little video clip is amusing, but it also may be the most powerful evidence I have ever seen that (assuming Barkley is right, and the Spurs did lose games intentionally) tanking pays.