Wednesday Bullets

Posted by Kelly Dwyer

  • The Blowtorch with an interesting statistical take on the top franchises in NBA history. I hope I'm not giving too much away, but the Grizzlies are not in the top five. Top ten? Read and see.

  • Martin Muursepp, who was once traded for Jamal Mashburn (or something like that), has signed with an Aussie team. Incidentally, I once called Andrei Kirilenko "the next Martin Muursepp," and I'm standing by that. Their careers aren't over yet.

  • An Aussie guard of Aboriginal descent gets a scholarship at St. Mary's. Thanks to Eric for the links. (UPDATE: From the comments, RamonClear sez, "Re: Patrick Mills...just to correct you slightly, he is not of Aboriginal/Koori descent. Mills is a Torres Strait Islander, which culturally and physically differ from Koori people. Torres Strait Islander are more Melanesian in appearance, simil.ar to Fijians or New Guineans...boy can play too - he carved up NZ recently. Not much competition I know, but watch this space...")

  • Rajon Rondo has started blogging. Has he started shooting? The Celtics guard's favorite TV show is "Martin." Add him to the list!

  • Tim Duncan is up to his usual training regimen.

  • Chris Clarke is aghast that the Knicks, eventually, received ten players for Patrick Ewing. I'm aghast at the fact that none of them were any good. The site I worked for back then called Ewing's trade to Seattle "the Kong Deal," and I wasn't really down with that headline.

  • Andrea Bargnani mumbles toward, and then slaps, an Italian basketball-playing robot that was recently drafted by the Warriors, and then hits a half-court shot. This will help to sell shoes.