I Love This Site

Posted by Kelly Dwyer

Yes, the graphic at the top might throw you, but the rest of ShamSports.com is so, so good.

It's one of the best, most thorough NBA sites out there - and yet you never see it linked-to, talked-about, bandied around, thrown a stick, chased out of the yard, or whatever else the kids say these days.

Sham's actual blog boasts only eight posts, and the most recent one is three weeks old, but it includes some of the funniest and accurate NBA scribin' you find this side of the Thames. Sham's English, so I had to shoehorn that in there. Number Four, "the Zoran Planinic," really speaks to my condition. Give it a read.

The rest of the site, you'll need it. By and large, I've found his salary information to be more accurate than HoopsHype's, I know for a fact that Sham is pretty dogged in his research; and the salary pages also dovetail nicely into something you can truly get lost in: his individual player pages.

For a school project, I put together an NBA almanac in high school. Inspired by Zander Hollander's yearly NBA output, I wrote ellipses-driven breakdowns of every player who showed up for the 1997-98 season. I went in with the best of intentions, but after a while, the snark starts to set in.

You watch so many games, and have so many players to write about, that you have to bust out the smart-aleck tone just to stave off nature red in tooth and claw. So bits about things that annoy or impress you seep in to the player profiles (which later turned up on OnHoops.com), and comments about a player's facial hair or dainty footwork start showing up alongside mentions of a guy going to Mercer College or being the last active player from the Kansas City/Omaha Kings.

Sham's got that, in his player profiles. Get lost in there; it is well worth the loss of a few hours.