Friday Bullets

Posted by Kelly Dwyer

  • A look at just how fiscally sound the Charlotte Bobcats roster is, from Bobcats Den. If Sean May can play 70 games and the team finds a taker for Adam Morrison, look out.

  • Reader Michael, after watching Rusty LaRue's last go-round with the Utah Jazz a while back, has long wondered what the cut-off point is for NBA players looking to stick around long enough to earn an NBA pension. According to this site that plays home to several pictures of scantily-clad women (you've been warned, or notified, depending ...), a player has to play three years in the NBA. He's then awarded $306.34 a month for every season he spent in the bigs.

  • Can Ben Wallace's version of the Stephon Marbury-brand get any respect on "the court?" Does it matter? Do Ben Wallace and Stephon Marbury have our respect for going down this path? Isn't that, and the game you show up with, all that counts?

  • Rip Hamilton, obvious ninja.

  • Congrats to Matt Lloyd, who was one of the first NBA PR people to say, "yes, young internet scribe, we will let you in our building." Lloyd is Chicago's newest Director of College Scouting. Predictably, Matt from BlogaBull has a hilarious take on just what it takes to draft for the Bulls.