13 Weddings?

Maybe I'm the last guy to get to this fact. But according to Beth Maher of the Canadian couples magazine "2," Doug and Jackie Christie have had 13 weddings and counting.

Forget roses and candlelit dinner celebrations; when it's time to ring in their anniversary, Doug and Jackie say "I do" all over again with a full-out wedding ceremony. (Yes, they've married 13 times!) As Jackie says, "If you're always planning a wedding, you never have time to plan a divorce."

When I was younger weddings sort of made me nervous. Wearing ties, hoping no one screws up their lines. I just never felt comfortable in that setting. Now I'm older, wiser, and totally pro-wedding. It's a big party, duh! Eating, drinking, dancing, being silly, taking photographs. I'm all for it.

But if some family member invited me to their, let's say, third or fourth wedding? Between the same two people? I can't imagine I'd attend. The 11th? 12th? At some point you're wondering "damn, how come Doug and Jackie have to make themselves the focal point of every single one of our family reunions?"