Report from Belgrade on Vlade Divac's Big Bash

Vlade Divac's massive fundraiser, party, basketball tournament, auction, and more happened this past weekend. It was kind of a Divacapalooza.

The blog Byzantine Sacred Art has some coverage (via BallHype), including Chris Webber saying that Vlade Divac is "the best man I have ever met." Here's one of my favorite parts:

A short movie was played from a huge screen in the stage in which a score of Divac's friends and colleagues praised his efforts and career, including NBA stars Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Bobby Jackson, Yao Ming, coach Phil Jackson, rapper Snoop Dog, Red Hot Chili Peppers, actor Billy Crystal and many others.

That's one of the sweetest juries ever assembled, and they found Vlade Divac awesome on all counts.

Also, on that blog, from the cultural bizarreness department, is a photograph of Glen Rice reportedly delivering the three-fingered salute of Serbia.