Tuesday Bullets

  • Greg Oden had it bad when he was, essentially, stuck living on a bed in his living room. You could argue he has it worse now, as that living room is being shared with a puppy that is not house-trained. Oden blogs: "His name is Charles Barkley McLovin and he is my new dog. He is a Boston/Beagle. He is not too big because i cant have a big dog while im renting my house. He is very quiet, hasnt even barked since i had him so far. He does of course pee in the house, making me mad. I know it takes time to train a dog, but don't you wish that a dog can just be born knowing to go to the restroom outside and to eat his food out of the dish?" (Via Jen's Free Throws)

  • The riddle of Shawn Marion.

  • Wearing number two isn't good in any setting, but it's especially bad if you're a Chicago Bull.

  • Dee Brown has played in the NBA, is now headed to Turkey, and plans to return to the NBA one day. That would make his career a Turkey sandwich. He's just hoping there isn't too much Turkey in there.

  • Look who made the Forbes list of top ten pundits!

  • After reading this account of playing basketball overseas, I'm thinking TrueHoop needs to open an office in Greece.

  • A whole mess of links to video highlights of incoming college freshmen (some of whom are potential stars of the 2008 NBA draft).

  • Don't you get the feeling that Larry Brown must be loving this Isiah Thomas trial? His case all along was that things stunk at Madison Square Garden. Also, this is worth noting.

  • Boston still needs a big man.

  • Car detailing, I have heard, is expensive. The guy with the beard cleaning cars in these photos is a multimillionaire.

  • You should probably see this video of Mark Cuban dancing, even though I don't know what it is about. (Via the Big Lead)

  • The NBA needs referees to be more friendly and likable right? How about this guy?

  • Basketball camp highlights, from coach Dan Barto: "We finished the sequence with the same drill. Only during this sequence after each player took the charge the rest of the teammates sprinted over to help the player off the ground in celebration of the great individual basketball play. The energy and emotion was bone chilling. To put an exclamation point of the whole sequence we had each of the coaches take a charge and the players from all of the teams pick the coaches up. By this time we had spectators and coaches from all of the other sports entering the gym smiling, clapping, and enjoying what sports and practice is all about. After a quick water break we brought the kids in to talk about creating positive energy and how great every kid was feeling at that moment. We asked them if they thought they would have that much fun when they arrived in the gym that morning and the answer was an overwhelming 'no.'"

  • Rules help please: TrueHoop reader Jermaine is convinced that by tossing the ball in the air and catching it again, Charles Barkley is completing an illegal self-pass. I'm thinking that without moving his feet, nor conveying any kind of advantage, it may or may not be legal, but it's certainly something that would never be called -- especially on the MVP.

  • Ranking the early favorites to win gold at the Beijing Olympics.

  • Things are getting much more exciting in Memphis.

  • UPDATE: I pretend to know something about the Golden State Warriors.