Commissioner Stern Discusses Sensitivity Training for 30 Teams

Howard Beck of The New York Times reports:

Stern said he was troubled by reports of sexual harassment at Madison Square Garden, the home of the Knicks. He vowed more sensitivity training across the league. But he said the league would not discipline the Knicks in the wake of a jury's finding that Isiah Thomas, the team president, sexually harassed a former team executive.

"I can assure the public that sexual harassment is not acceptable in the N.B.A. workplace, and I'm putting this subject on the agenda for the board of governors meeting later this month," said Stern, addressing the issue for the first time, after opening the Adidas NBA Concept Shop in Taksim Square.

The N.B.A. administers a seminar about respect in the workplace to its 1,200 employees. Stern said he might make that course mandatory for the employees of all 30 franchises, "because it's not our style to be laggards on issues like this - nor is it our style to rush to judgment and make meaningless pronouncements."

Would that training be for players, too? I wonder ...

Stern also said he has been in touch with Madison Square Garden, but rejected the notion that he would work behind the scenes to temper the influence of James Dolan, as had been suggested earlier this week in the Times.