The Time Travel of a Sports Fan's Mind

Us Portland fans have been through it. Everyone loves Greg Oden all summer. They dance on the Rose Garden floor, literally, when the pick is announced. Then he gets hurt -- an unforeseeable event -- and suddenly a big chunk of Blazer fans are traveling back in time, and revisiting that same decision to draft Oden, that they loved back in June.

In Charlotte, they're doing the same thing with Sean May, and the blog Queen City Hoops nails it:

There are two schools of thought into time travel (at least when it comes to movies). First is the romanticized version of time travel, as depicted in movies like "Back 2 the Future" -- travelers have the ability to change the past, which ultimately changes everything else from there on. Marty goes back to his parents' high school prom, spills crap on the bully, and his dad winds up a successful science fiction writer.

The other version of time travel is not as pleasant. The other depiction shows characters as being able to go back in time and be part of the past, but this had already happened, so the present/future does not change. In "12 Monkeys," James Cole goes back in time, realizes who spreads the virus that will ultimately wipe out most of the human race, and dies unable to do anything about it.

Being a sports fan is more like being James Cole. As fans, we look at moves made in the past and see ways to correct them or better them. As Bobcats fans, that is what we are dealing with right now. Sean May's injury has created a new "virus" that we feel the need to go back and stop ... Instead, what matters is to take what lessons we can from the past and apply them going forward.

Pretty awesome video follow up.