Matt Groening's dad's trick

April, 11, 2012
Abbott By Henry Abbott
In an interview with Smithsonian magazine's Claudia De La Roca, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening talks about his dad's distinctive hoops skill:
What did your father do before he became a filmmaker?

He grew up on a Mennonite farm in Kansas, speaking only German until he went to school. My father then ended up as a bomber pilot flying a B-17 during World War II. After the war, he was a surfer, filmmaker and ardent amateur basketball player. He perfected a basketball shot that he could shoot—without looking—over his head and consistently make from the top of the key. He made that shot for 30 years.

I always wonder what happens to guys like that. They have this skill people would love to see a few seconds a year. I guess the move is to just wait for the Celtics' mascot to visit some local gym, get the video camera rolling, and then show him who's boss on YouTube.

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