Jeff Van Gundy to NBA: Stop the flop!

Jeff Van Gundy and HoopIdea are kindred spirits, especially on the topic of flopping in basketball. On Sunday during the Miami Heat-New York Knicks game on ABC, Van Gundy took two opportunities to sound off on the the proliferation of flopping in the NBA.

He got warmed up at the start of the third quarter after Heat forward LeBron James bumped into Knicks guard Baron Davis on a drive.

Here's the first exchange between play-by-play announcer Mike Breen and Van Gundy:

Breen: Davis close to drawing a charge there.

JVG: You know what -- there’s so much flopping going on, Mike, if you’re an official I like [the no-call against Davis]. You’ve got to be sure because everyone is an actor now.

He was just getting started. Later in the quarter, Knicks guard Iman Shumpert was whistled for a moving screen as he tried to keep Heat forward James Jones away from Knicks forward Steve Novak on a jump shot. At first, Van Gundy started to criticize Shumpert for an unnecessary foul, and then changed course as he watched a replay, unleashing this Category 5 condemnation of flopping:

JVG: But that’s a flop! This, again, it just ruins the game. I can’t believe with all the brilliance we have in the NBA office that we can’t find a way to eliminate this part of the game, or at least even start to punish it.

I mean this is just a blatant flop that --

Breen: He did flop but [Shumpert] did push off a bit.

JVG: I’m just sick of it! And I can’t believe the NBA office isn’t sick of it too. They’re obviously condoning this.

Breen: They’re not condoning it!

JVG: They’re absolutely condoning flopping because they give them the calls and they don’t punish them when they do flop.

Breen: What’s the remedy?

JVG: Well, if I say it they will pay no attention, so it doesn’t matter. But I have easy remedies. You fine ‘em or you treat ‘em like technicals -- when you flop X amount of times, you’re suspended.

Breen: But it’s very hard to --

JVG: That’s not hard. Technicals are subjective too. This is subjective.

It’s so easy, it could be eliminated today if they [the league office] want it to. But because they don’t want it to, it continues to go on and on and on [with] no stopping in sight.

Breen: Should we have -- like Flagrant 1, Flagrant 2 -- Flop 1, Flop 2 [for] more excessive flopping? I think it’s harder to legislate than you think.

JVG: I don’t!

Breen: They’ve looked at this for years. They’ve talked about making it a violation.

JVG: And done nothing! And done nothing!

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