Quintuple Overtime in Berlin

Remember Cal State Fullerton's Bobby Brown?

Back in May, ESPN's Chad Ford watched Brown work out before the draft and wrote:

There's no question that Brown has the speed, athleticism and scoring ability to be a good NBA player. The big question: Is he really a point guard?

I spent Saturday focusing on that issue and didn't come away particularly impressed. When he penetrated, Brown didn't seem to have a great feel for where his teammates were. He often took questionable shots while guys such as Nick Young and Jason Smith had better ones.

On Sunday, I started seeing things differently. I quit evaluating him as a point guard and started assessing his ability to play the 2 in the pros. A number of undersized 2-guards, such as Allen Iverson, Ben Gordon and Monta Ellis, are excelling in the NBA these days. Other guys like Charlie Bell, Willie Davis and Flip Murray have found a place in the league too.

Judged from that perspective, Brown starts looking like a legit NBA prospect. He has great quickness, showed good range on his jumper from NBA 3-point range, is an explosive athlete and, yes, could play some point in a pinch for an NBA team.

Brown put his name in the hat and went undrafted in both 2006 and 2007. Everyone thinks this kid can play, but man, those undersized shooting guards who can maybe kind of play point guard -- often they've got the kiss of scouting death.

So, to make a long story slightly longer, Brown is playing in Berlin, where he just starred in one amazing game. The ULEB Cup writeup of the game includes this amazing line:

Alba hero Bobby Brown, who forced the first, fourth and fifth overtimes, finished with 44 points, the second-most by any player in a ULEB Cup game.

One player forcing three overtimes in one game! Awesome.

Yes sir, the game between KK Bosna and Alba Berlin went to five overtimes. (Brown's teammate Goran Nikolic played 63 minutes and finished with 31 points, 14 rebounds, and four assists. Lots of great performances.) You can watch home video of the final overtime on YouTube (courtesy of the comments at BallinEurope) -- that's when the home town Berlin team pulled away to win 141-127.

What I'd really like to see, however, is video of all those buzzer beaters and close endings. If anyone finds that video online, please let me know.