LaMarcus Aldridge is Re-Broken

The Blazers have been mega-thin up front all season, even taking the drastic step of pretending Channing Frye is a Western Conference center. Of course, they are missing Greg Oden, which really leaves Joel Przybilla as the lone bruiser.

Today comes word that LaMarcus Aldridge has plantar fasciitis. The snappy little upbeat diagnosis calls for him to be out a week. But has anyone ever beaten fasciitis in a week? (That's an honest question. I'm hoping the answer is yes.)

In a season and a half, Aldridge has had shoulder surgery, a heart operation, a summer league sore heel, and now plantar fasciitis. If you were to have one criticism of the guy ...

Kevin Pritchard is in something of a jam. I can't imagine he'd give up a nice young piece for a stopgap big man just to win more this season. And it's hard to find anyone on the roster that Blazers brass doesn't like. Out of the 15 spots, maybe Raef LaFrentz and Darius Miles are the only obvious choices to depart Portland in the medium term. And they both have unattractively big contracts.

So, what's the solution? I'm thinking Aldridge is going to have to show us all how great of a healer he can be. Or else LaFrentz is going to have to start earning some of that money.