The Sharpshooter's Mini-Monkey Sonny, on Parade

There was a time, not that long ago in fact, when I wrote for HOOP magazine.

Occasionally I even meet people who remember something or other I wrote for HOOP, which pleases me to no end. I wrote this or that feature story about David Robinson, Yao Ming, or Kevin Garnett. I'm proud of all that stuff. But the thing that I did for HOOP that we remember most at my house was write about Mike Miller's monkey.

I think it actually came up in two separate articles I wrote. One was an entire story about the sharpshooter's pet monkey. We talked about how we had to buy preemie diapers and cut a hole in them for the tail.

The monkey had his own room in the house, even. Mike loved that tiny monkey Sonny, and his face lights up when he talks about it. He slept with it in his bed, even.

The story gets a little more complicated when you learn that Miller "got rid of Sonny" (sounds bad, from the monkey's point of view) when he had a baby, because they were worried the monkey might hurt the child.

Anyway, one of my colleagues at HOOP was Jeramie McPeek, who works for the Suns and is Editor-at-Large for HOOP. As I learned from reading the January/February HOOP, McPeek just talked to Miller at some length, and asked Miller for his favorite monkey story. This is Miller's response:

I left the house one day when I was in Orlando and I got a call later from my neighbor, who said that my dogs and monkey were walking around the neighborhood. I had put the monkey up in his room and shut his door and put the dogs outside. But sure enough, when I got home, my monkey was riding the Great Dane and they were walking up and down the street. He had unlocked his door, gone downstairs and opened the door for the dogs and taken them for a walk.

I love the NBA.